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Widgetareas Options

Widgetareas: The themes comes with lots of widgetareas option. You can place any blocks/widgets in these widgetareas and create unique layouts for your website.

You can find the settings of the Offcanvas from here.

Offcanvas Theme: Choose between light/dark theme.
Theme Background: You can choose light/dark background color of the offcanvas.
Offcanvas Logo: Upload a logo for the offcanvas.
Hide Offcanvas on Desktop: Select this if you do not want the offcanvas to be shown on dekstop.
Widget Title Styles: Select the widget titles style that will only be applied to offcanvas items.

Each widgetareas has their own settings and options. Make sure to check out settings and elements that you can enable/disable too.
Section Background Color: You can change background color of each widgetarea seperately.
Widgets Title Styles: From here you can select widget title style for each widgetarea so that you can use different combination of styles for different widgetareas.

Make sure to check out other settings and elements that you can enable/disable too.

Note:** The settings on the theme might differ from the screenshots above.