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Archive Options

Archive Options: Here you can find settings related to setup how you like you archive pages to look like.

  • Archive Style:
    The main archive layout that you want the posts to be displayed in.
  • Archive Pagination Type:
    Choose how you want the link to next/previous on your website should work. You can go with the default “next/previous post” style or the numeric style like “1 2 3”.
    You can choose to load the posts through ajax. You can either use a button to load next post or use load post on scroll for infinite scrolling option.

Make sure to check out other settings and elements that you can enable/disable too.

Global Excerpt Options: This is the excerpt that is used on the whole website. If you have excerpt length options on other elements, make sure the number in here is greater than those for it to work.

Note:** The settings on the theme might differ from the screenshots above.